As an individual in Thailand you will encounter legal issues that need professional advice. This becomes all the more complicated when you don’t have the resources of an employer to support you, and that’s how our personal legal advisor services can help.

PB Legal Services can provide a wide range of personal legal services to meet your needs whether it’s the maintenance of your own visa, the preparation of your will, a rental contract or something else.

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Retiring in Thailand


Considering Thailand as a retirement destination? We don’t blame you! But, before you begin to imagine sipping cocktails on the beach during your retirement years, contact us to assist with the process.

We’ll get you from your home country to the beach with cold drink in hand in an efficient and legal manner, taking care of all requirements along the way.



All of us should enjoy the peace of mind that comes from completing a professional Last Will and Testament. Our team will expertly guide you through the process, witness your Will and ensure that legal copies are stored as per your wishes.

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Keeping in mind that most contracts in Thailand are written in Thai, it becomes very important to ensure you understand exactly what you are signing. From property rental or purchasing contracts to car hire agreements, we can provide a quick and simple service to review your situation and ensure that you are protected to the letter of the law.

Before providing a quote for any legal work, one of our legal experts will run through your requirements in detail, to ensure we’ve got all the information needed to send you an accurate proposal, quickly and efficiently.