Opening and operating an organisation in Thailand can be a very rewarding and profitable experience, but it is crucial that from the very start you work with a service provider like PB Legal Services who can advise you in an honest and straightforward manner, and successfully lead you through the labyrinth of legal issues.

PB Legal Services works closely with organisations in Thailand to provide them with the knowledge, stability and consistency that is required by the Kingdoms legal framework.

We can provide excellent value when managing multiple work permits and visas for a single client, and can also offer specific company registration, work permit, visa and accounting packages for those wishing to start a new business.

Company Registration assistance in Bangkok.
Company Registration assistance in Bangkok.
Business License in Thailand

Business Licenses


The Thai authorities require companies doing business in specific industries to obtain license certificates. This includes import and export businesses and those selling food and/or alcoholic beverages. Contact us to ensure your business is operating legally.

Arbitration and Contracts

Disagreements can happen at any time in business. Before they get out of hand, contact us to sit in on a meeting between all parties; we will objectively get to the route of the problem and cost effectively provide unbiased advice – potentially saving you thousands of dollars of legal, court and government fees. With years of experience in facilitating business agreements and contracts, PB Legal Services can write a customised MOU or contract to meet the needs of any business agreement.

Our cost effective service will save you time and effort and provide the strong foundation for the continuing success of your planned business partnership or agreement.

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thai driving license assistance

Thai Driving License


To drive a vehicle in Thailand, you require a Thai driving license. PB Legal Services can guide you through the application process which includes obtaining medical certificates, taking tests, submitting forms and actually driving a car.

Legal Advice


With a series of experience lawyers working with us, we can provide ad-hoc legal advice on almost any corporate legal issue. Our legal team speak excellent English and are experienced in managing the legal requirements for large multinationals as well as smaller businesses.

Contact us for a preliminary discussion and save yourself the time and hassle of making a legal mistake.

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Before providing a quote for any legal work, one of our legal experts will run through your requirements in detail, to ensure we’ve got all the information needed to send you an accurate proposal, quickly and efficiently.