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Here at PB Legal Services we've got over 12 years experience securing work permits, visas and licenses in Thailand.
24th February 2018

10:00 – 16:30


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boi thailand assistance and advice

BOI Promotion

The BOI Thailand application process requires careful management, but gaining promoted status for your business in Thailand offers several advantages, and our team of Thai lawyers can help secure this for your business.
how to register a company in Thailand

Company Registration

The PB Legal Services team can help you with your company registration in Thailand, simplifying the process and advising on the corporate structure that best suits your needs.
how to get a visa for thailand

Visas for Thailand

Our legal experts provide a Thai visa service for businesses of all sizes, helping with all stages of the visa application process, as well as renewals, 90-day reporting, re-entry permits and more.
assistance getting a thai work permit

Thai Work Permits

Foreigners who wish to work in Thailand are required to obtain a work permit, and the PB Legal Services team has both the experience and long-standing relationship with the Labour Department to ensure an application’s success.
Arbitration and contract services in Bangkok

Arbitration and Contracts

PB Legal Services can help mediate any disputes, providing unbiased advice with our many years experience facilitating favourable business agreements and contracts, saving you time and expensive court fees.
How to get a thai driving license

Thai Driving License

A driving license is required in Thailand if you want to legally drive, and our legal advisors can help you with the application process, which includes obtaining medical certificates, and support completing the written and driving tests.
legal advice in Bangkok, Thailand

Legal Advice

Save yourself the hassle of making a costly mistake when doing business in Thailand, our lawyers all speak great English and are well-versed in managing the legal requirements of large multinationals as well as smaller businesses.
how to get a business license in Thailand

Business Licenses

Depending on the industry you’re operating in, there may be licensing requirements imposed by the Thai authorities, which commonly affects import and export businesses, as well as those selling food and/or alcoholic beverages.
Advice on retiring in Thailand.

Retiring in Thailand

Enjoy your retirement in Thailand and let our team of advisors take care of all your legal requirements so you can kick back and enjoy the cocktails by the beach.
wills in Thailand


Give yourself the peace of mind that your family will be looked after and complete a professional last will and testament. Our Thai lawyers make the process easy, witnessing your will and storing legal copies for you.
help understanding a Thai contract


With most contracts in Thailand written in Thai, our legal team will ensure you understand what you’re signing, from a property rental agreement to a car hire, we’ll ensure you’re protected to the letter of the law.