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Here at PB Legal Services we've got over 12 years experience securing work permits, visas and licenses in Thailand.
24th February 2018

10:00 – 16:30


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About Us

PB Legal Services was incorporated in Thailand as a private limited company in 2007, but is a key member of the Sutlet Group of companies which was first established in 1998.

PB Legal Services was created to be the specialized legal services branch of the Sutlet Group, and is one of Thailand’s leading legal services companies. The company founders saw a real need for an expatriate-run business located in the heart of Bangkok to provide quality legal and government services to both the local and expatriate community in Thailand. Our team of legal experts assist with the provision of work permits, visa management, and company registrations as our primary set of services.

From its early beginnings, PB Legal Services has established itself as a leading player in the legal market, with a reputation for being honest and developing a strong relationship with clients, suppliers and the Thai authorities.

Law firm in Bangkok | PB Legal Services

Each one of our clients at PB Legal Services

Gets access to each one of our senior leadership team during the entirety of your business relationship with us.

We take pride in our top-notch levels of customer service

legal services team in Bangkok

We take great care in recruitment, which ensures we only hire top candidates who have a positive attitude, and a keen desire to serve our clients.

Law office in Thailand

We train our lawyers to be friendly and professional, with all customer facing reps having strong English and Thai skills, they can confidently handle every customer need.

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Our legal team uses a strong customer service system, which has been designed to boost efficiency, reduce waste, and keep clients updated on the progress of their cases.

Legal advice in Thailand

Our team stay updated regarding our clients legal situation, and can provide up-to-date updates, in addition to our senior management team being available for any additional questions you may have.

What set's PB Legal Services apart

With so many companies in Thailand offering legal services, why should you choose to do business with PB Legal Services? We understand that our clients need us to be treated with special care. Here’s what sets us apart from every other law firm in Thailand.

We build relationships


It’s our aim to become ‘partners’ with our clients and work with them throughout their time in Thailand, helping them to build and sustain many years of successful business.

Our team will take your legal situation on board and treat it as if it’s our own, striving to make our clients feel comfortable, confident in our expertise, and open and honest about the work we conduct together.

Building relationships with law clients
Legal solutions for clients in Bangkok

We customize solutions


In Thailand’s complicated legal environment, it’s no longer enough to offer basic services, you need to be a specialist in your field.

Legal regulations constantly change, and new restrictions and a host of government procedures to navigate often creates problems. PB Legal Services will help you identify and adapt to these changes, as we craft simple, yet effective solutions to keep your business running smooth.

Highest levels of ethics and standards

We will never compromise our ethics, not under any circumstances.

Doing business in Thailand can be a complicated affair, however our legal teams experience, knowledge and established relationships, ensure our clients never have to take an unethical shortcut.

Trustworthy legal advisors in Thailand
Accuracy in all legal documents

Forms and checklists for accuracy


PB Legal Services understands that legal issues in Thailand are complicated and often changing, especially when it comes to visa and work permit management. As such, we have developed a series of dynamic checklists and forms for our clients that are user-friendly, dual-language, clear, and include additional advice and information.

With these forms, your work permit and visa renewals, 90 day reporting, re-entry permits and all other legal issues will be easier than you ever imagined.

Data protection and security


All your visa and work permit information is stored securely on our firewall protected server and managed by our team via our password protected IBM Lotus Notes operating system, one of the world’s most secure management programs. Additionally, all data is backed up on a weekly basis utilising a secure tape drive, and stored securely off-site in a fire proof safe.

Secure and safe law firm in Thailand
Detail-oriented law firm in Bangkok

We’ve mastered the details


Your legal situation in Thailand is critical, and even the smallest mistake can cause major problems for your life here.

The smallest mistake in a work permit application, visa or company document will quickly cause a whole set of problems, often with very serious consequences. The team in PB Legal Services understands the importance of attention to detail, treating every client, and every single form with both care and respect.

Clear and transparent fee structures


We’ve got nothing to gain from hiding the fee’s incurred from the government, or our own. 

PB Legal Services clients are provided with full transparency on their fee structures at all times, and our consultants would be happy to answer any questions you have in this regard. When you choose PB Legal Services for your legal needs in Thailand, you never have to worry about hidden costs or additional fees.

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